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Windows and glass problems in offices


We have written an article to outline the problems with windows and glass in offices we have surveyed over many,  years.  If you have experienced additional problems with the windows in your office please feel free to contact us.  Frequently we find that the problems are not that significant when our clients first buy the office but they often appear to last a long time when a resolution is being sought.  The replacement window industry is big business and we believe that to some extent we have lost the skill of being able to repair older windows and also acquire the knowledge to repair new windows too!


Problems with metal windows in offices

Windows in older offices have been built with metal casement windows which have been single glazed and over the years these have rusted and warped if there has been lack of maintenance.  Metal framed windows are typically seen in commercial properties from the War Years up to the 1970s.


Beware of paint to sell

If purchasing an office with metal windows that have been recently painted beware as they may not have been repaired or prepared and may have simply had paint applied when in time the rust will show through. 


Roof windows in offices

Extra light is often gained by installation of roof windows which are also known by their trade name Velux windows or as sky lights or northern lights.  Over time roof lights can have issues whereby they allow rainwater into the structure and need to be well maintained with any moss or lichens that appear being regularly removed.


Aluminium metal windows with problems

Aluminium office windows tended to be used in the 1970s with early double glazing units which our office Surveyors often find have issues with the double glazing units misting over.


Modern office block windows

Our office Surveyors frequently find the modern glazed office blocks have issues with leaks which is often due to incorrect design detail and where seals have deteriorated.  Sometimes our Surveyors find that the leaks are due to nearby areas allowing dampness into the structure or due to condensation. 


Solutions to problems with glazing

Unfortunately there is often no simple solution to the issues with glazing in office properties that is allowing dampness into the building.  Scaffolding is frequently required which can be very expensive and necessary originally to inspect the area that has issues with leaks to ascertain the cause of the problem.  High level work can take some time to carry out and the longer the scaffolding is required to be in place the more expensive the work will be.  


Schedule of Condition

We always recommend when taking on a lease on an office that a Schedule of Condition is carried out by one of our office Surveyors which will help to protect you from future liabilities at the end of your lease. 

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